Metaverse Reality

Market leaders from various industries either build their own versions of metaverses or actively participate in them. At the same time, those metaverses are segmented, which can create a bottleneck obstructing the creation of a full-fledged virtual reality.

Development Path

The avatar is the core of LunaOne and the primary tool for creating a symbiosis between the virtual and the real.

Upon our launch, LunaOne will have three main development paths, each of which is characteristic its respective group in the meta-society. Each path has two walkthroughs:

  • Limitless – avatars can earn XLN tokens via an internal work platform, can study and apply knowledge in scientific work, and participate in professional cybersport events.
  • Simplified – avatars can finish quests, fulfill various tasks, or simply use the hyperverse for gaming to gain in-verse experience and reap rewards.

How is LunaOne Superior?


Other metaverses

DAO - decentralized decision making

Community can’t influence the project

Tailor-made blockchain to solve specific tasks

3rd-party infrastructure with fees in external coins

Avatar development gives real-world benefits

Character development benefits are limited to the virtual world

Native distributed FileCloud to achieve true decentralization

Metaverses are stored on centralized servers or 3rd-party solutions

Seamless world with limitless possibilities

The initial purpose of the world limits the possibilities

Native NFT community-driven launchpad

Only blockchain developers can add NFTs

The same NFT can be used across the LunaOne platform

NFT has limited application

Wide variety of internal decentralized products available through one launcher

Isolated possibilities of the metaverse

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About LunaOne

“The images shown are an example while we are constructing final graphics. The teaser is designed to showcase the vision with some general images that are a lower quality than our eventual product.”