What is LunaOne Entertainment?

Technological advances have enabled LunaOne Entertainment to deliver a fully immersive concert experience upholding the notions of traditional human interactions in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment. It is now possible to achieve hyper-realism in the metaverse. With over 470 million users visiting the metaverse every month, this emerging space is impossible to ignore. With over 45% of adults willing to listen to live music in a virtual world, 56% of Gen-Z and 61% of millennials, artists must seize this opportunity. 

We have assembled a dream team of respected industry marvels to push the very boundaries of creative potential! Together we will work with well-known global artists channeling the emotive energy usually reserved for live experiences. Our mission is to democratize entertainment, working with A-list artists to connect with fans directly and maximize monetization for the artist. We will also work with up and coming artists to give opportunities to break through to new audiences.



Concerts have been a way for artists to connect with fans, and for fans to connect with other fans, creating a frenzied and electric atmosphere. We aim to address limitations of venue size, access, and safety whilst keeping the very purpose for concerts in the first place. In addition, can also reduce carbon footprint and wastage.


Film making is ever evolving as storytelling finds new mediums. Advances in technology push the bounds connecting with audiences by embracing the use of Virtual Reality (VR) in delivering a unique personal experience.


A free spirit is a creative spirit. We nurture an environment for artists to prosper in creative freedom, removing all unnecessary players and promoting fairness in royalties. LunaOne will untie the hands of artists to connect to fans and create the ultimate experience.


We give the power to artists to control the environment in which their art is presented by breaking the limitations of physical galleries. Artists can also control the level of interactivity and to shape the audience experience. The metaverse allows artists to access new audiences around the world


In-person events are limited by capacity, location, risks, and other logistical nightmares. LunaOne wants to promote events that remain truly void of bottlenecks, often seen in the event space, that significantly impact the potential of artist and audience enjoyment.

Our Team

Daniel Puzny

President of LunaOne Entertainment

MBA and LLM with over 30 years in technology and entertainment, and 8 years in Blockchain and Crypto. A leading consultant for major blockchain projects. Truly passionate about creating real-life business applications, fundraising, designing go-to strategies for marketing and team building. Leader, public speaker, teacher, and consultant.

Ash Zheng

Vice President Marketing of LunaOne EntertainmentAsh is a Web3 native with experience in GameFi. She’s scaled ventures to multi-billion-dollar valuations (ATH) and was instrumental in several sold-out NFT projects. Passionate about the intersection of gaming and blockchain! Holds a BA from Uni of Melbourne.

Jack Anderson

Marketing Associate of LunaOne EntertainmentBCom in Marketing and Management with minor in Music from Macquarie University. Internship with Sony Music as well as sales experience. Passionate to help shape the future of entertainment in the Metaverse.

Craig Wiltshire

Vice President Technology LunaOne Entertainment Executive MBA, PCG Design. Solutions architect for spatial computing and machine learning. Former IPC Europa Cup downhill skier and Royal Marines commando. Specializing in advanced AR/MR/VR eCommerce systems design.

Douglas DeLuca

Executive Producer

Twenty-five years of experience producing TV series and specials, feature films, commercials, music videos, live theatre. A co-executive producer for ABC’s high profile, late-night vehicle, Jimmy Kimmel Live (now in its 20th season). Douglas also served as Chairman and co-founder of JASH, a digital content collective (Group Nine Media family).

Demian Lichtenstein

Metaverse Producer
Founded Lightstone Entertainment & SpaceGen, became #1 Music Video Director in the world with artists such as Sting, Clapton, Queen Latifah. Producer/Director/Writer with over 300 major film/TV, video game, VR and music credits. Made the Walking Dead, John Wick and Payday VR Games. USA Studio Head of public gaming company Starbreeze.

James Larese

Creative Director

He has developed original content for major networks such as Disney, MTV, ESPN and HBO and brands such as Doritos, AT&T, ACTIVISION and Beats by Dre. As an obsessed lover of music, James has directed over 300 music videos working with some of the top artists in the world including Eminem, The Weeknd, Kanye West and Megan Thee Stallion. Awards include: MTV VMA, MVPA award, a UKMVA.

Edward Bruno

Music Supervisor

A top-performing digital music industry professional with an entrepreneurial approach to Music Licensing/business development. 20-year career in the digital music industry building sales operations and distribution networks for successful start-ups and growing companies. Additionally, an expert in navigating through the complicated world of Music Licensing.

Elvis Restaino

Creative Consultant

Pioneered the architectural design space as one of the most consistently sought-after designers among film industry and high-profile clients alike. Fearlessly innovative, he defies the traditional boundaries of design to transform ordinary spaces into alternative dimensions that blur the line between fiction and reality.

Scott Igoe

Artist & Music Consultant

One of the premiere live music programming executives within media. Currently serving as the VP of Alternative Programming and Live Specials at ABC. Worked with Coldplay, Jay-Z and Depeche Mode and also launched the popular 'MashUp Mondays' Series on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he is the lead talent booker.

Farzin Toussi

Executive in Charge of Production

A seasoned television producer of over 20 years who has delivered over 400 hundred hours of programming for networks such as FOX, NBC, Food Network and Syfy, HBO Max, and Netflix amongst others.

Sean Faden

Digital Effects Consultant

Supervised VFX work on Fantastic Four, A Good Day to Die Hard, Fast & Furious 6, as well as several episodes for Game of Thrones: Season 3. Just completed a nearly two year stint on Marvel’s Moon Knight as the VFX Supervisor. Also worked on Let Me In, Captain America, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Purge, and more.

Andrew Schuster

Associate Producer

Writer and producer of television and digital content. Contributed to programming for Sports Illustrated, YouTube Originals, and Discovery+. Most recently, he produced “Mark Rober’s ‘The Revengineers’” an upcoming science-based, hidden camera prank show for ITV America and Discovery executive produced by Jimmy Kimmel.

Our Vision

While others place too much importance on the technology itself, we are highly focussed on ensuring that the human spirit is not lost in this digital age by pushing creative boundaries to wow audiences and bring storytelling to life in a new medium.

We will make the audience members the HERO of their own journey!