Web 3.0 as a Foundation
for LunaOne Products

LunaOne expands users’ overall experience in the decentralized virtual world
through its market-leading technologies, which will begin to be released soon!

Decentralized File

Decentralized File Storage (DFS) allows all users to connect and store data by distributing and segmenting it among all members of the LunaOne Metaverse. Also, through LunaOne Launcher, all users will enable each user to become a storage node and provide hard disk space for a reward.

Streaming Platform

LunaOne will launch its internal streaming service that aims to increase the engagement of the community’s everyday life. To stimulate users to stream their gameplay and watch others, LunaOne has developed an innovative incentive system.


With privacy in mind, the LunaOne team will launch a decentralized messaging service inside the Metaverse. The communication between users will be stored in the DFS, which will guarantee the security of personal data. All users will have the option to create groups and channels, which can have entrance or subscription fees.

AR/VR Device

LunaOne is partnering with leading AR/VR equipment manufacturers to release the project’s branded kit to allow users to immerse themselves and their avatars in the virtual space environment. The kit will allow users to see and hear everything that happens in the Metaverse, as well as incorporating smell and touch.

LunaOne Events

LunaOne will have separate locations for different types of meetings and events without the need to connect with third-party providers. The XLN token will be used to purchase tickets or any additional benefits.

LunaOne aims to enthusiastically support cybersports and will become a platform for virtual events, competitions, and will also hold major tournaments with amazing prizes.

Real Estate in LunaOne

LunaOne will be split into various districts, and in each avatar will have an opportunity to buy real estate and invite friends over just like in real life. All properties will be unique NFTs and will be categorized into different classes and types with creative customization possibilities.

Properties will allow an avatar to:

  • get access to new quests
  • change its looks
  • invite friends
  • take part in events with prizes